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13 thoughts on “Magento Fontis FCKeditor WYSIWYG Transactional Email

  1. Thanks a lot for the mention, glad the extension has been useful for you! Sorry to hear the add id feature hasn’t worked for you, but you’re probably right in that we should include the template text area by default. We’ll add it for the next release.

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to the release. I’ll check back and update my post accordingly. Thank you for looking into it, always great to know the community is improving and looking to expand its functionality.

  3. hi there… this worked, but for some reason fckeditor is unable to load in any of the default mail templates. it loads the subject line, but the content remains blank. any idea why this is happening or how to get around it?


  4. Hi Rob, I just hopped on over to Magento’s Transactional Emails. You’re right, it loads the subject line, but doesn’t load the content into the text area.

    I have a suspicion that the textarea is replaced and renamed after being loaded on the page, and when the JavaScript executes to load in the template.. normally it would find that particular textarea and set its “value” to be that of the loaded template.

    I’m looking into it as we speak, I’ll post another reply if I find anything interesting or a fix and update my post accordingly.

    Thanks for finding the bug.

  5. Hi Rob, the update to load in the default mail templates has been posted in this article. Hope this fixes your issue. (: Let me know if it doesn’t and it still gives you trouble, I’d be happy to help!

  6. I am wondering if the same technique can be used for enabling the wisywig for addition text field attributes that are created?

  7. Hi Tim,

    Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy with the holiday season.

    When you say additional text field attributes, I am unsure what you mean? Text field attributes are disabled, name, size, type, etc. Are you referring to textarea’s? And on what pages is the WYSIWYG not displaying that you would like to be?

    I’ll be more than glad to help!

  8. thomas on said:


    I tried to put the WYSIWYG editor. Installation through magento Connect is successful but in System -> Configuration -> Admin i don’t have any tab about WYSIWYG editor…

    Only 4 :
    -admin user email
    -startup page
    -Admin base url

    How to fix it up ?
    thank you

    note : magento

  9. I have added the extension and i am adding the templates to newsletter through admin. I have upload images through editor and it is displaying in preview template option but the images in newsletter template is not displaying with E-mails , let me want to confirm is it due to the relative path in FCK source code .
    the image code is as below

    any help will be great for me

  10. Hritik Jain on said:


    I have added Fontis_Wysiwyg-1.1.0 on my site.
    I added a attribute “footer_description” on Category in “Genaral Information” group.
    this attribute is textarea. i added

    In xml and
    array(‘value’ => ‘footer_description’, ‘label’ => Mage::helper(‘fontis_wysiwyg’)->__(‘Footer Description’)),
    in Editableareas.php file. But getting editor on Manage category section.

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