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XZero Classifieds – jQuery Expanding Country List

XZero Scripts has released a great tool for developer looking for a classified script – XZero Community Classifieds.

With an strong and eager community helping to further the development of the script, many people have taken the liberty to release their own mods. One modification we thought would be awesome to give back to the community is the expanding drop-down city list in the right side bar. Interested? Great!

You’re probably asking yourself “what’s the catch”? Truth be told, just a simple 1 file replacement. Follow these steps:

–> Download ‘’


  1. Open ‘’ and extract the file ‘’ to your computer / desktop.
  2. Open your favorite FTP program and upload ‘’ to the root of your XZero Classifieds installation. This WILL replace the old ‘’ that came packaged with your original installation.

That’s it!


Developer Notes

The drop down uses the jQuery framework for its animations. The framework is being remotely downloaded using Google’s JavaScript API script (jsapi).

Download Free jQuery Cities Drop down Mod for XZero Classifieds (1.51kb)
Downloaded 1551 times.

14 thoughts on “XZero Classifieds – jQuery Expanding Country List

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  2. Hi, I have different countries displaying ont he right side, but when you click on the country name, the cities don’t come up, can someone please help me with this? I need it asap, my email is I am willing to pay for your time if neccessary.

    Thank you

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